42 Christmas Elf Name Ideas

Elf name ideas

All families have their own Christmas traditions, often built over many years and passed down from one generation to the another. Christmas trees, fairy lights and more recently the Christmas elf tradition. Inviting one of Santa’s elves to stay is a fun way to bring a little Christmas magic into your homes. While lots of families already have an elf, some will join the fun this December. Of course you will want to give your new friend a name. If you are looking for some quick Christmas Elf names ideas to get the creative juices flowing – read on!

42 Christmas elf names

It helps bring the magic to life if you can properly introduce your elf to your family – you might want to pick a name beforehand or to help the kids choose a name for your elf. Here is a list of 42 names to get you started!


Choose a name that fits your Elf’s personality or select a few names and pull one out randomly. Remember most elves can have a first and last name – some even have a middle name so there are lots of possible combinations!  For more tips and ideas read how to choose a Christmas Elf name that will get the magic started or find out about the Traditional Names of The First Christmas Elves. Remember to let tell us what your elf is called! Have fun!

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Hi, I'm Elfin - Santa's chief Elf. Santa's wants me to tell you all about my Elf friends and the Christmas Elf Tradition. If you have any questions, just ask! I would love to hear from you and find out what your elves have been up to - so please leave your comments. Happy Elfing :)

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  1. Are we allowed to put clothes on you or move you? Please ask Santa to make sure!! My daughter Gracie does not have one. How much does an elf on the shelf cost? I just WISH that they didn’t have to leave so early!!! Boo

  2. is Abigail nadolski on the nice list or not

  3. Is Yasmyn Smith on the nice list or not

  4. Kylie Marie Green // December 17, 2014 at 23:03 // Reply

    am I on the nice or naughty list

    • Can’t possible disclose this – confidential information!

      • Am I on the nice or naughty list

        Name Matthew Ryan macphee

        • Matthew, I am sure you already know the answer? Have you been good? Santa’s list is top secret so I should stay quiet on this matter!

      • hi I’ve got a Elf called Freddie and a Naughty elf called Alfie lol I think they are coming tomorrow so I exited do u work for Santa Claus and how many hours do u work? xx it must be really cold in the North Pole and have u ever got sick like get the flu or a bug?? if u didn’t that is OMG Lol byexxx

        • Keep an eye on those elves, especially naughty Alfie! Yes I work for Santa and I work about 60 hours a week at this time of year. I do get Wednesday mornings off though so I can get my hair and nails done.

  5. Would Coal (like Cole) be an appropriate name for an elf?

  6. ChristmasFanatic // December 19, 2014 at 21:17 // Reply

    I might get an elf, husky dog , and penguin for Christmas. For their names I am thinking holly[elf], jangle[ for the dog. p.s- I got a reindeer named jingles last year.], and snowball[for penguin. I also already have 5 elves and 1 reindeer!!!!!!!
    [ : [: [: merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry for putting my name when it’s already their

  8. Is Olivia Smith on the nice list

  9. my elves name is joey jingle

  10. can my elf have a partner his name is joey jingle and i want him to have a partner ( mostly a girl )

  11. Would hi-ho – hayley be an appropriate elf name or hyper hayley.

  12. I have a girl and boy elf there names are Juileta Sprinkles and Rupert Candycane

  13. Do you think that ¨Pixie Frost¨ is a good name?

  14. I really like the name snowball
    But I don’t know if it’s a good name can you tell me elfin

  15. Can you touch elves if it is past Christmas

  16. How do you turn into a elf

  17. hehhe

  18. Hi I’m 7 years old I wanted to tell you a good you should put on the list danper-michsnow

  19. Maribel torres soto // November 7, 2019 at 13:22 // Reply

    I have one elf and name buddy the reason i choose that name beacuase 20 year ago my little boy by his Nikename was buddy

  20. nice names I like them

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