Christmas Elf Alert – Why Have I Got a Moustache?

Christmas Elf Draws Moustache Don't we look goo this morning? Now Elfin... wait until we get you back!

Have you ever wondered if you might suit a moustache?

Until today I hadn’t and neither had my son, but we got to try one on this morning courtesy of our Christmas Elf! Will we keep our moustaches? Mmmmm… Not sure about this. They made everyone giggle, but I won’t make a decision on entertainment value alone!

I woke up blurry eyed and never thought of checking myself in the mirror. It’s only when I got my daughter up that her giggles alerted me. As everyone gathered into the kitchen for breakfast, we realised my son had been a victim too. Elfin was sat on the kitchen table with a tube of black face paint and a jubilant twinkle in his eye.

Make-up artists Christmas Elves

I typed “Christmas elf moustache” into Google and soon realised that we had got away lightly. Santa’s elves love to draw moustaches or red noses (like Rudolf’s) on sleeping parents and children during the night. They are also known to deface family pictures and draw facial hair, glasses and hats on the glass of the frames.

While most elves use wipe off markers and removable face paint, I couldn’t help laughing on learning that one elf had mistakenly used a permanent maker to write “NAUGHTY” on Mum and Dad’s foreheads. Oh dear!They still had to go to work that day!

While I’m grateful my moustache washed off, my two year old daughter insisted that I draw one on her before we leave for nursery. Black comedy moustaches might be the next fashion fad.

Which look do you think suits Elfin best?

Christmas Elf with Moustache

Now I got him back, didn’t I?

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  1. do all elves come for your birth day and do you come on their birth day
    can you touch all elves
    can elves stay all year
    what age do your elves leave you and will they come back when you have children

    every year i make my elf ( joey jingle ) a house every year with a kitchen, work shop, bed work, bath room

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