Christmas Elf Goodbye Letter

Time for Santa’s Elves to leave Christmas elf magic doesn’t last forever, and you will need to say goodbye to your elf on Christmas Eve. Santa’s got a big job to do and all the elves need to get back to the North Pole to help deliveries. Despite all the mess and mischief I felt a little sad waving our elf goodbye (Who’d have thought that would happen!). Here are a few ideas to make his last day special! How to celebrate your elf’s last day with the family Help your Elf prepare for his journey home.  Get the kids to pack his suitcase and maybe a couple of his favourite snacks for his journey home. Write your Elf a goodbye letter. Let the kids write / dictate what they’d like to say and then leave it out overnight. The preparations will make the departure of the elf easier if the kids (or the parents) really become attached to the little fella. What happens on Christmas Eve Most elves will write their own goodbye letter and leave it on  Christmas Eve. You can download and print your Christmas Elf goodbye letter or cut and paste the template below into a word … Continue reading Christmas Elf Goodbye Letter