Elf Hitches Ride to the Park

Santa's Elf Sneaks out to Park in Child's Hood The cheeky little fella sneaks out unsuspected on a family walk to the park.

Has our elf gone home to Santa?

This morning we couldn’t find Elfin. I felt guilty – I’d lost patience with him several times and had made no efforts to conceal my annoyment when he repeatedly made a mess. Had he gone back to Santa feeling home sick and unloved?

Would he add my name to Santa’s “naughty” list? Would there be no gifts for me this Christmas?

A clandestine passenger

I tried to forget the incident and took the children to the park. When we arrived we realised that our Christmas Elf was still in good spirits and hadn’t gone home to Santa. He’d hitched a ride to the park in my son’s coat hood and was smiling in there snug and warm.

I might still have a chance to make it onto Santa’s good list!

Elfin had never visited a playground and became very excited. He tried the climbing frame, swings, slide and seemed to have a lot of fun. When it was time to head home, we thought we’d lost him again but found him exhausted, sat on a park bench.

I hope he sleeps well tonight!

Elf on Climbing Frame in Park

Elfin enjoying the climbing frame on his first ever playground outing.

Christmas Elf on Swing

Our Christmas Elf having fun on the swings

Elf on Park Bench

Exhausted after too much play

Carrying Christmas Elf

Elfin has to be carried home exhausted after too much play


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