Does Your Elf Stay on His Shelf?

Christmas Elf on the Shelf Our Christmas Elf, Elfin sat on a book shelf

Quiet Elf on the shelf

Yesterday we found Elfin, our Christmas Elf sat quietly on a book shelf. He was still in the same position when we came home in the afternoon.

Now, that’s not like him, no mess to clean up, no endless searches in every corner of the house. After waking up with a moustache yesterday, I was initially relieved. He was still perched on his shelf in the evening and I started to worry. Was he unwell? Home sick? Bored? Had he turned into an impeccably behaved Christmas Angel?

What’s wrong with our Christmas elf?

Elfin quickly put my mind at rest – all was well. He was simply tired and needed rest! He’d had a busy year in the North Pole – even in a magic world, making thousands of toys is no doddle. Dealing with budget cuts and staff shortages added to the stress too.

So if your elf doesn’t move every night  – don’t worry. Apparently last year one elf spent all December in a large cookie jar. His children kept filling up the jar, but the elf never moved (he vanished on Christmas eve with jar).

Elfin explained why your elf might be staying on his shelf, in his cookie jar or in another place in the house:

  • Some elves have a favourite spot, just like you might have a favourite chair. If the elf hasn’t moved, it could simply be that he enjoys sitting there
  • Your elf is tired. So he couldn’t move, let alone fly back to the North Pole. Elves have a tiring job during the year, but figuring out new tricks and hiding places, late night baking and messing with toilet roll can lead to exhaustion
  • He or she is too warm. The North Pole’s climate is very cold. While you might think it is too cold to leave the house, your elf is struggling to adapt to our warmer weather and the central heating has knocked him out
  • Your elf’s had too much food. Lots of elves develop a sweet tooth while they stay with their human families and binge on biscuits, chocolates and sweets. Maybe yours feels unwell after over-indulging in seasonal delicacies!
  • Bored! Santa’s elves are used to being busy – could your elf be bored?
  • You elf is poorly – He or she has caught a virus and is feeling unwell
  • He has run out of ideas. He just needs more time to think about new hiding places and pranks
  • You Christmas elf wants a day off. While they work everyday in the North Pole, a lot of elves take on human habits while they stay here. Most people only work 5 or 6 days a week and children don’t go to school every day. Your elf wants a day off too

If your elf has spent a few days without moving, here are a few things you could try:

  • Get your elf to read our Christmas Elf ideas for inspiration
  • Take him out for a walk – a little fresh air might stimulate him
  • Keep biscuits, chocolates and other treats out of his reach
  • Involve him in family life, take him to school, work or to visit friends and relatives
  • If your elf is tired or sick, it might be best to just put him to bed. A good comfy sleep might put him right (After all you wouldn’t fancy sleeping on a shelf would you?)
Christmas Elf in Bed

Elfin in bed. Hopefully he is not so tired after a good night’s sleep!

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Hi, I'm Elfin - Santa's chief Elf. Santa's wants me to tell you all about my Elf friends and the Christmas Elf Tradition. If you have any questions, just ask! I would love to hear from you and find out what your elves have been up to - so please leave your comments. Happy Elfing :)

6 Comments on Does Your Elf Stay on His Shelf?

  1. My elf does not move. Is it maybe because i bought him at a store or he just does not move without your parents moving it?

    • Hi Kirsten, Don’t worry. As explained here your elf might have a favorite spot, just like you might have a favourite chair. If he doesn’t move, he is probably sitting somewhere he likes. You could also try some of our suggestions above and see if your elf starts moving again.

      Re – Buying Christmas Elves in stores, all Christmas Elves come from the North Pole. Some arrive direct from the North Pole to your house, but Santa has also set up adoption centres in stores (online and on the high street) so each child that wants to host an elf can easily get one. Much like you would go to the pet store to adopt a rabbit or other animal, your Elf on the Shelf can be adopted, too.

      It is also worth knowing that all elves do have different personalities and some are more active than others. I hope this helps, let me know how you get on!

  2. My elf on the shelf is in my room on is stomach wild right

  3. My elf has stayed over a year I thought he would go to santa and santa would send another one but hasn’t moved

  4. My elf Fred is siting on my bookshelf in my living room and did not move

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