Introducing Your Christmas Elf to the Family

Santa's Chief Elf - Elfin Preparing for Christmas Visit

Christmas Elves magically appear in homes around the world at the beginning of the Advent – after he or she has finished helping out in Santa’s workshop.

Santa’s Elves come prepared (watch out!)

Most families adapt the tradition and make it their own and some Elves don’t just bring a Christmas Elf Letter from Santa to introduce themselves. We have had reports of elves turning up with their own passport and chocolates or sweets for the kids.

Some Christmas Elves even bring magic glitter / confetti, the children can sprinkle on them every night, making them come life while everyone is asleep. This allows the Elf to go on nightly adventures and carry out good deeds or tricks before hiding – waiting to be found in the morning. I wonder where yours might be hiding first?

Elves are also known to deliver advent calendars for the children, or decorations to hang on the tree.

How about yours arriving with stationery and pens for the kids to write their Christmas lists? After all the Elf can easily work his magic and travel back to the North Pole to hand the letters to Santa. For free! So you’ll save a stamp too.

Over to Elfin

Elfin – our family’s Elf has posted himself to us – here is the last update I got from him:

It’s the first time I travel away from the North Pole and leave the other Elves and Santa. As chief Elf I normally stay at the North Pole – and make sure all of Santa’s Elves arrive at the right time in the right place.

This year, with record numbers of UK children asking for an Elf to visit their house we have struggled to meet the demand. In fact in some families Elves might only appear mid-December and everyone – including myself – will leave the north pole this year.

I have heard all the tales of fun and adventures from the Elves coming back from their human families – yet I am a bit nervous. Santa recommended to take some chocolate coins for my children (3 of them!!), but I packed some chocolate spiders, worms and maggots instead… After all aren’t we supposed to play tricks on them? Not much room for me in that box now though! See you soon!

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Hi, I'm Elfin - Santa's chief Elf. Santa's wants me to tell you all about my Elf friends and the Christmas Elf Tradition. If you have any questions, just ask! I would love to hear from you and find out what your elves have been up to - so please leave your comments. Happy Elfing :)

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  1. Dear elfin I would like a boy elf please please have it hear by Novmber 3

  2. dear elfin for christmas i asked santa for one of his elves before thanksgiving (preferably a boy) so if u would please send me him by then i would greatly appreciate it

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