Santa Charity Run

Christmas Elf at the 2012 Santa Run - Manchester United

We took Elfin to the 2012 Santa Run at the Manchester United Stadium yesterday. It was cold and we saw more Santas than we could possibly count, so Elfin felt rather at home.

While he wasn’t bothered to have missed Ryan Giggs’s appearance, he complained about the lack of snow and was disappointed not to get chance to catch up with the real Santa.

After the 5km Santa Run

We had to carry him all the way as he refused to run the 5km race. He is used to whizzing around magically and not too keen on exercise! He also told me he thought a Christmas Elf charity run would be much better.

That kept him out of mischief for the day… dread to think were we might find him when we come home from work/ school today.

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