World Record for Santa’s Elves

World Record in Yorkshire Elfin worked out that it's 2334 pointed ears - he's always been good with numbers :)

Last year Elfin, our resident Christmas elf, was upset to read a seasonal job survey that claimed “being an elf” was rated the worst Christmas job for humans! Being an elf was deemed to be stressful, poorly paid  and you faced stiff competition for a job that brought little recognition.

Christmas comes early as elves break record in Yorkshire

He was delighted to find out that elves’ popularity is up this year.  Yesterday (09/11/13) hundreds of Elves gathered at Stockeld Park near Wetherby and broke a world record.

“Humans” of all ages travelled from far and wide to take part in the event. They donned pointy ears, a red and white elf hat and a matching t-shirt. Despite the rain and cold weather 1167 of Santa’s helpers turned up, making it the largest ever gathering of Elves in one place at one time. The previous world record stood at 762. So that’s an entry in the record book for Yorkshire’s elves… and a morale buster for Elfin!

All proceeds from the event went to Martin House Children’s Hospice. Well done!

Other unusual festive Guinness world record attempts:

The record for the longest Christmas cracker pulling chain was smashed by 603 people in London last week.

672 people helped to break the world record for the largest human Christmas tree in Germany on December 8 2011.

13,000 people helped to break the world record for the largest gathering of Santa Claus’s in Derry City, in Northern Ireland, on December 9 2007.

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