Letters to Santa

Christmas Elf with Letter to Santa Elfin with my son's Christmas list - note how neat and well presented it is!

Santa's Elf Sitting in Window

Sunbathing Christmas Elf

When we came back from work and school, it was quite a relief to find our Christmas Elf  sitting quietly by the upstairs window looking at the view and soaking up the sunshine – a welcome change from the Winter darkness of the North Pole.

Elfin told me he hoped to go back home with a holiday tan… not sure that England in Winter is the best place for that, maybe we should get him some tanning lotion?

Christmas Elf with Letter to Santa

Elfin with my son’s Christmas list – note how neat and well presented it is!

Writing letters to Santa

He left a notepad and some pens for the kids to write their Christmas lists. He will take the letters to Santa in person.

My eldest boy can’t think of anything he wants for Christmas, my two year old daughter just wants lots of presents and my other son has a huge list. I turn white each time I read “ipad mini or laptop or phone or netbook and ipod” but Elfin tells me not to worry, Santa will sort it out… let’s hope he is right!

No evidence of mischief anywhere. Maybe Elfin is one of the rare well behaved elves? Fingers crossed, we’ve been lucky and will not have to put up with endless elf mischief until Christmas.

Cooling down… in the fridge!

The afternoon sunbathing on the window was too much for Elfin though, we found him cooling down in the fridge at tea time!

Christmas Elf Cooling Down in Fridge

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Hi, I'm Elfin - Santa's chief Elf. Santa's wants me to tell you all about my Elf friends and the Christmas Elf Tradition. If you have any questions, just ask! I would love to hear from you and find out what your elves have been up to - so please leave your comments. Happy Elfing :)

11 Comments on Letters to Santa

  1. my elves name is joey jingle

  2. hi what is santa doing. could you ask santa if i would be able to meet him on christmas eve if i am awake 🙂

    • Santa is getting organised for the Big Day! You know what happens to those who stay awake to see Santa on Christmas Eve – he usually senses it and calls his visit off. You sure don’t want that?

  3. Hey elfin ask santa to turn me to a elf how do I turn into a elf

  4. I am a Santa Helper and answer letters form some small schools and whoever sends Santa letters to Santa’s Helper at Wallabadah. N.S.W. with a stamped self addressed envelope for their reply. Would you mind if I use some of your information giving reference to your site. I hope you say “Yes”

  5. Hi elfin you are so cute
    I will be at Poland for Christmas
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. My elfs name is jumping Julia

  7. Hello my name is Elf Jingles

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