Santa’s Elf Escapes Through the Letter Box (Almost!)

Santa's Elf squeezing out of the letter box Our Christmas Elf attempts to escape through the letter box and gets stuck!

Watch out – Elf seeking adventure!

We all know that Santa prefers to enter houses through the chimney. I don’t know if elves follow him down the chimney, Elfin wouldn’t tell me. He said it would spoil the magic of Christmas. I am not sure if Santa leaves through the door or  climbs back up the chimney either. However I can report that if your elf is left to his own devices for too long, he might attempt to escape through the letter box.

Caught in the whirlwind of advent activities: Christmas shopping, trimming the tree and school nativity, we had little time to look after our elf and left him to spend time alone.

Christmas Elves can create the occasional mess and like to hide at night, but they are low maintenance and it is quite easy to forget all about them!  Beware, a neglected elf will find a cunning way to remind you of his or her existence.

Christmas Elf Needs Surgery

Elfin needs surgery after tearing his arm out in letterbox accident

Our Christmas Elf needs surgery

We returned home to find Elfin hanging upside down out of the letter box. In search of adventure and stimulation he tried to squeeze through the letter box and got stuck.

A pull and a tug later we got him out, but quickly realised he was injured and needed major surgery. Elf Magic works wonders though and he recovered quickly… look where we found him the next morning!

Christmas Elf in Tea Cup

Do you fancy a cuppa?

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  1. Your one silly elf Elfin! How do you think of this kind of stuff?

  2. Am I on the good list. Or bad list xx

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